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    Together We Are Stronger By Far The Next Generation Virtual Choir Project JOIN OUR CHOIR and HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Thanks to a generous grant from the Puffin West Foundation, international award-winning songwriters and talented graphics designers, now they can be ! ​ It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1 2 3 1. Learn the song Watch this video and follow along with the words Click on the music icon in bottom right corner to turn on sound Download the words (lyric sheet) and the sheet music here 2. Record yourself You will need: TWO devices and headphones This video shows you how to record and upload your song - it's easy! Video coming soon! You can also download written recording instructions here 3. Send us your recording Before sending: Do not edit or modify your video in any way. Complete the required video consent form. Choose 1 of the following ways to send your video: 1. Upload to Messenger along with signed video consent form 2. Email it along with signed video consent form ​ ​ ​ If your file is too large to email you will need to send via a file sharing service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. Here are some links where you can create a FREE account. Everyone appearing in your video (children and adults) MUST send a signed consent form. If consent is not given, we cannot use your video. A video consent form is written permission given by an individual to an entity/organization for the use of their name, image, and/or interview statements for publication. This consent comes without compensation, regardless of the amount of revenue the content generates. Once the document is signed, the entity/organization is not obligated to ask for the individual’s approval when using their name/image in any publication, advertising or other media enterprises (including the internet). A parent or guardian must sign the consent form if the individual is a minor. EMAIL VIDEO UPLOAD TO MESSENGER Send via WeTransfer Send via Dropbox

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    Something Very Fishy Happening NOW Together We Are Stronger By Far Virtual Choir Project WHAT: An online children's choir of original song by award-winning children's songwriters! ​ WHO: All children under 18 (individuals, groups, schools) anywhere. ​ WHEN: Now! Accepting submissions until midnight 9/4/22. ​ EXPERIENCE: None! Anyone child can join! ​ COST: FREE thanks to generous grant from Puffin West Foundation. Booking NOW for Fall '22 Something Very Fishy Live Schools Performances WHAT: A Broadway-style musical theatre production + virtual reality dive experiences + arts workbooks + science notebooks + NASA certificate. WOW! ​ WHO: Suitable for all South Carolina elementary schools (VR only for grades 3-5). ​ WHEN: November 14-18, 2022. ​ COST: Per school/performance price. Contact us for pricing in your area. CONTACT US / REQUEST SHOW DATE FULL DETAILS HERE MORE SHOW DETAILS HERE BOOK A SHOW FOR YOUR SCHOOL HERE

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    For Interested Teachers If you're a teacher who thinks that Something Very Fishy would make the perfect field trip for your class, click the button to the right and fill out the contact information so that we can help you schedule your trip! I'm Interested! For Interested Donors The Something Very Fishy program is completely donor funded. For more information on how you can donate click the button to the right, and let us know how you are willing to help. Donor Information For Clemson Students Are you a Clemson student who wants to get involved in Something Very Fishy? Click the Button to the right to submit your interest in joining the SVF Creative Inquiry Class! I'm Interested! For Interested Volunteers While we have an amazing group of Clemson students who put in so much time and effort, with hectic class schedules we can always use additional help. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer click the button to the right! I Want to Volunteer! CONTACT For information on how to attend the show, next steps to get involved, or general inquiries, fill out the form below and we will do our best to get in touch within 48 hours! We look forward to hearing from you! SEND Thanks! Message sent.

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    musical theatre virtual reality missions arts workbooks science notebooks NASA certificate The coolest in-school field trip this Fall Scientists, artists, communicators and educators working together. Proudly supported by the SC Arts Commission, the SC SeaGrant Consortium, and Puffin West Foundation Ltd., the Something Very Fishy Musical Theatre Science Outreach STEAM Program is bringing the ocean to elementary and primary students across the globe. ​ This collaborative effort between Educational Entertainment LLC, Clemson University Department of Biological Sciences, and Temple University Klein College of Media & Communication, combines a musical theatre production, underwater virtual reality experiences, and student workbooks in line with state science standards, as a comprehensive IN-SCHOOL FIELD TRIP. ​ ​ The apolitical musical theatre production portrays the key challenges faced by our oceans today and how the ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected. The audience follows Sandy Carson, a young marine biologist conducting coral transplanting research and her arch nemesis Mr. Pidder, an amateur fisherman with little regard for the marine environment. Featuring a cast of underwater puppet characters, Something Very Fishy highlights how everything we do above the surface impacts life below. ​ In addition to the live performance, schools may elect to participate in the Something Very Fishy Aquanaut Training Program where students* experience a 50 minute virtual reality Aquanaut Training Mission led by scientists from Clemson University. Using a combination of 2D and 360 format underwater videos, children will be inspired to ask questions, investigate issues, collect data from virtual dives, develop a plan to save a coral reef and document their missions. ​ Your missions should you choose to accept them are: • Mission 1: Investigate Why Corals are Dying • Mission 2: Explore What We Can Do to Help the Corals • Mission 3: Transplant Super Corals and Restore the Reef Teachers will receive a full classroom set of SVF W orkbooks & SVF Mission Notebooks to use throughout the program. Students completing all missions will receive an official NASA Citizen Scientist Aquanaut Certificate! Our Team Kathy Prosser - the artist Program Creator & Producer at Educational Entertainment LLC I am an independent and commissioned songwriter, musician, playwright and founder of Educational Entertainment LLC (USA) and Possum Music (Australia). We create and deliver educational music and musical productions for corporations, schools, community organizations, businesses and individuals in USA and across Australia. Twice Australia's Children's Songwriter of the Year, my work centers around issues of global environmental, historical and social importance. Most people experience song lyrics they can recall from childhood, and having played piano from age 5, I am passionate about the immense power of learning through music. ​ I have released 4 independent children's music albums under the stage name 'Kathy Possum' and delivered over 800 collective performances of self-penned musical productions 'Something Very Fishy', 'The Country Life', 'Diggin' History', 'The Magic Circle' and 'Exploring Australia'. ​ I am very proud of the work I do and strive to contribute to a peaceful and sustainable planet through sharing my gifts with the next generation and their communities. Dr. Michael Childress - the scientist Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Clemson University I am an evolutionary behavioral ecologist studying the impact of climate change and behavioral adaptations in marine animals. My teaching and research focuses on understanding the impact of habitat loss on the conservation of marine communities. I enjoy training graduate students, undergraduate students and teachers in the methods of experimental marine ecology. At 8 years of age my elementary teacher took our class on a field trip to the aquarium. That was the day I decided to be a marine scientist! I know firsthand how field trips like Something Very Fishy can influence career choices among elementary students and as such, I am thrilled to introduce the ocean to the next generation of marine scientists and stewards of our oceans! Dr. Meghnna Tallapragada - the communicator Assistant Professor at Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication I have a PhD in Communication from Cornell University, an MS in Communication from North Carolina State University, and a BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from CBIT, India. I am passionate about combining my background as an engineer and a strategic science communication scholar. Through research I strive to bring science and technology closer to people. My work has been published in journals including Science Communication, Public Understanding of Science, Science and Engineering Ethics, Communication Education, and Public Relations Review. As a teacher, I strive to maintain a safe and inclusive space for students so they can develop into creative thinkers who can, not only help solve current public relations dilemmas but also, feel empowered to better their individual selves. ​ I am excited to be part of the Something Very Fishy assessment process and evidencing how informal learning environments, particularly performing arts can educate students about science. SVF Clemson Creative Inquiry - the future Clemson University, Biological Sciences Our diverse group of undergraduates in Clemson University's Something Very Fishy Creative Inquiry team are responsible for developing and delivering the unique Something Very Fishy Aquanaut Training Program. By bringing education, biology and environmental science majors and elementary students together, young students meet and interact with many people actively helping our oceans and learn many ways to contribute. 2020 Cast and Crew - the talent ELANA PURVIS SANDY CARSON A sophomore at Palmetto High School, Elana is already a 9 year veteran to musical theatre with her sights set firmly on Broadway! We believe she will do it... JULIE EDWARDS OCTAVIA THE OCTOPUS A USC Theatre graduate, former Disney Princess, and last year's Narrator, Julie has propelled herself into the role of the slinky octopod. SARAH POWELL SUNNY THE SEAL This is Sarah's 19 theatrical production and she is just 15 years old! Sarah knows Sunny well - last year the role was played by her brother Elijah! SARAH DUVALL MR STU PIDDER Former Media Specialist at Keowee Elementary, storyteller, motivational speaker, and queen of comedy theatre, the stage is Sarah's second home. JOHN FALLON BOSS The Great White Shark and MUSIC DIRECTOR We loved him so much last year he is back even more Bossier than ever! Choral Director for 40 years, John is now wielding his baton as our Music Director. JORDAN HARBIN REPORTER Illustrator, writer, photographer, and voice actor. Is there anything this multi-talented man can't do? Jordan's bass-baritone voice is like butter on warm toast. CASH GASKILL CHILD Big things come in small packages and this 5th grader at Hunt Meadows Elementary is no exception. Cash is an absolute dynamo that all children will relate to. This is her 3rd year in theatre. JJ PEARSON DIRECTOR Last year's Mr Pidder, graduate of NGU's Theatre program, tutor and magician, JJ is bringing his magic to this year's production as our Director. EMERY POWELL STAGE MANGER From a theatre family, Emery is more at home behind the curtains than in front of them. At only 15, she has already been stage managing for 3 years! CARRIE TIDWELL CHOREOGRAPHER Owner of Sterling Studio of Performing Arts and resident choreographer for the Misfit Theatre Company, Carrie has been dancing for 30 years and teaching for 25! SAM EYLOR MOTHER ​ Holding a BA in Musical Theatre from Marywood University, Sam has performed numerous shows across America. NATE WARRICK VETERINARIAN Holding a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting from Bob Jones University, Nate recently made his debut in the world of acting. HANNAH DOVER CAMERA PERSON At 15 years of age, Hannah is excited to be in her first big production after attending several theatre camps. DONNE KEY MAILMAN Donna has appeared in several TV shows and a recent webcast zombie series! This will be her first time on the theatrical stage.